Mica 3D Sign – Project BASKIN ROBBINS

Bao Viet advertising specializing in the design, production signs, mica 3D sign, logo… With modern machinery and production team of experienced, we put the objective is product quality.

Besides, we are also interested in the customer care policy. Specifically in warranty and maintenance to customers can be assured, confident the projects entrusted to Bao Viet Advertising.

Baskin-Robbins® stores throughout the world dish out global favorites like World Class® Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake, but also local favorites, such as Green Tea and Rum Raisin. No matter where you are in the world, you will find unparalleled quality and variety at every shop.

Baskin-Robbins stores main activities in the evening as a rendezvous place of the Young. Therefore, the production of the Baskin-Robbins mica signs demanding aesthetic, youthful but equally exquisite. Baskin-Robbins mica 3D signs are constructed by bending well. Korean LED running inside to increase advertising effectiveness for brand ice cream in the evening. Mica has many color to match the brand, logo. Good price but still durable. Mica 3D signs commonly with Aluminium lightbox, Mica lightbox…

Besides Baskin Robbins, Bao Viet Advertising is also proud of the production for The Blues sign, Young Engineers, Roussel … We always pay attention to the efficiency and satisfaction of Clients.

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  • Client: Baskin Robbins
  • Date: 2015